Dim Sum

Crab Meat Fish Maw Soup Dumpling
Pan Sear Basil Chicken Dumpling
Scallop Caviar Sui Mai
Ling’s Soup Dumpling
Har Gow
Pan Fried Gluten-Free Veggie Dumpling
Crawfish Dumpling
Crispy Sea Cucumber Har Gow
Pan Fried Akaushi Beef Bao
Akaushi Beef Potsticker
Chicken Taro Egg Roll
Steam Spinach Dumpling


Scallion Pancake with Curry Dip
Minced Meat Butter Lettuce Wrapped
Szechuan Spicy Cucumber
Lobster Cheese Puff


Hot and Sour Soup
Crab Meat Corn Soup


Yellowtail & Salmon Green Mango Salad
Yellowtail, salmon, shredded green mango.

Zucchini Salad
Thinly sliced zucchini with goji berry, and lemon vinaigrette

Cabbage Salad with Sesame Vinaigrette
Red cabbage, cabbage, cucumber, tomato, mint, and honey ecan in almond sesame vinaigrette

Green Tea Salad
Romaine lettuce, cherry tomato, wasabi bean, sesame stick, dry cranberry, cucumber, and broad bean

Rice and Noodle

Ling Combo Fried Rice
Seafood Crispy Egg Noodle
Hakka Veggie Noodle
Veggie Fried Rice
Steam Rice
Brown Rice


Salt and Pepper Whole Red Snapper (market)
Whole red snapper fillet with salt and pepper, jalapeno

New Zealand Lamb Chop with Spicy Miso Sauce
Pan sear lamb chop with house spicy miso sauce

Curry Ox Tail
Ox tail stew in the Singapore red curry sauce

Pipa Szechuan Tofu
Lightly fried tofu with shrimp paste in Szechuan meat sauce.

Szechuan Peppercorn Shrimp
Crispy shrimp with dry chili pepper and Szechuan peppercorn

Shishito Akaushi Beef
Sautéed Akaushi beef with shishito pepper with brown sauce

Orange Peel Akaushi Beef
Sautéed Akaushi beef with fresh orange peel with brown honey sauce

Pecan Shrimp
Crispy shrimp with aioli, apple dice, and pecan nuts

Mei Choy Pork Belly
Melting pork belly with preserved vegetable

Sesame Chicken
Crispy chicken with honey sesame sauce

Kung Pao Chicken with Cashew Nuts
Stirred fried dark meat chicken with spicy bean paste sauce and cashew nuts

Jing-do Berkshire Pork Loin
Crispy Berkshire pork loin with sweet and sour Peking sauce, Texas wild honey, and lime zest on top

Szechuan Potato Glass Noodle
Minced meat with glass noodles in spicy Szechuan sauce

Peking Duck
Half roast duck serve with hoisin sauce and green onion


Seasonal Vegetable with Crispy Tofu
Sautéed Pea Shoot
Baby Gai Choy with Shiitake Mushroom
Sauteed Chayote with Virginia Ham